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Below are some recommended anti-virus and spyware removal tools. Free for home use.
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A computer virus is a program – a piece of executable code – that has the unique ability to replicate. Like biological viruses, computer viruses can spread quickly and are often difficult to eradicate. They can attach themselves to just about any type of file and are spread as files that are copied and sent from individual to individual. Viruses won't go away anytime soon: More than 60,000 have been identified, and 400 new ones are created every month, according to the International Computer Security Association (ICSA). With numbers like this, it's safe to say that most organizations will regularly encounter virus outbreaks. No one who uses computers is immune to viruses. We offer virus removal, protection and Internet security tools for your PC. If you are concerned about your PC's security, we can advise and install the necessary virus protection and security tools to protect you. Spyware or Malware Spyware apps install themselves onto your machine when you download many file-sharing services, open infected e-mails, or click on dubious Internet pop-up ads. They can manipulate your system, record your habits, and steal your passwords and credit card numbers. Depending on their degree of aggressiveness, they can steal your privacy or even your identity, slow your computer down and can be very difficult to remove. Utilising advanced software combined with years of experience, we can resolve all your spyware problems, and restore your computer to it's original state. Call us on (02) 8206 8955 to discuss your requirements, or complete our request form here.
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Beware of Fake Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software which is constantly evolving
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